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//Rd Response

Bobbie,we are trying again and trying a different method of response. It appears that the lengthy answers that I am writing to many of our inquirers is not getting through to them when we use the space called additional comments. You and now another are find blank boxes there or not even the box. You just happen to be the one that is getting the biggest impact with this. Several things attack crape myrtles aphid, scale insects and weevils. Then you have the possibility of diseases that weaken a tree then the pests come when it is weakened. This does not look like any of the pests. Our biggest concern is the fact that it is spreading to other trees. We recommend that you contact your local cooperative extension agent. Either that person or one of the tree specialists at VA Tech, our state land grant university can be of much greater help than we can at this point. We are also not certified pesticide applicators so we cannot recommend products or know the best way to treat this. Please contact them as soon as possible. Thank you and I apologize again for the problem that you are experiencing with the app.

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