Weeping Cedar Problems

//Weeping Cedar Problems

First, let’s say it doesn’t look good. Was there any sort of warranty on the tree? We suggest you contact the seller.
That said… there are several species that share the common name Weeping Cedar. Which cedar is it? I can’t tell from the photo, but perhaps there was a label on the tree? Some cedars are only hardy to zone 6, and you live in zone 5. The abrupt cold late last fall had damaged many plants.*
Your tree’s problems are environmental, not caused by insects or disease. Since your tree is dying from the ground up, this is most likely root-related–either how it was planted or a water issue. Are you watering? Even though the sprinkler is turned off, all plants need damp soil during the winter, and especially evergreens. Irrigate on warm days (such as today) as needed. Too much water is as bad as too little, as roots also need air. There isn’t room here for a treatise on tree planting, but check out http://www.ext.colostate.edu/mg/gardennotes/636.html and http://www.ext.colostate.edu/mg/Gardennotes/633.html.

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