Bromeliad Vriesea

//Bromeliad Vriesea

This is a bromeliad, possibly in the genus Vriesea. Vrieseas are native to Central and South America, but are grown as indoor plants throughout the world. There are about 250 recognized species of vriesea bromeliads, all native to Central and South America. There are also dozens of hybrids. Roughly speaking, vriesea are divided into plants that are grown primarily for their foliage and those that are prized for the flat, brightly colored flower spikes.

They are more tolerant of dense shade than other common bromeliads. The more sunlight a Vriesea receives, the more humidity it will need to avoid scorching the leaves. The foliage will also become more brilliant in color when exposed to more light. Moderate temperatures are preferred by Vrieseas, but they can withstand a range of low and high temperatures from just above freezing to 90F for a short period of time. They will not, however, survive a hard freeze.

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