Eggplant General

//Eggplant General

Eggplants are cold-sensitive and require a long warm season for best results. Plant in full sun in fertile, well-drained soil. Do not permit seedlings or young plants to suffer from low temperature or drought. Mulching between plants is useful. Space plants 18 to 24″ apart with 30 to 36″ between rows. Plants thrive in the heat of summer. These robust-sized plants up to 3′ high and almost that wide can have purple-tinged green leaves, drooping violet 1 1/2-inch flowers and depending on the cultivar, fruits from grape to almost football size in white, yellow, red, green, violet or purple. For mature fruits, harvest after some color appears but always while fruits still have their glossy shine.

This white variety may be the one sold as ‘Casper.”

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