Virginia Creeper

//Virginia Creeper

This appears to be Virginia Creeper, a deciduous and vigorous vine. One of its characteristics is having five leaflets (in most cases) that turn red and purple in late summer and autumn. Can grow in a variety of sun, partial sun, shade conditions and survives on moderate water. Following non-showy flowers, bears purplish-black berries on reddish-mahogany colored stems. A climber, it clings to support surfaces by suction disks at ends of tendrils. A good adage for this plant: “leaves of 3 let it be, leaves of 5 let it say alive” since it is often confused with poison ivy. It needs some control if you keep it around since it is a vigorous grower. Cut the vines and when they resprout, spray or paint the vulnerable new growth with an herbicide.

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