Cows Horn Euphorbia

//Cows Horn Euphorbia

Euphorbia grandicornis, native to Kenya and Natal, forms shrubs to 6′ in height. The main trunk branches frequently, producing many green 3-angled branches with wavy, horned margins and spines in pairs to 2″ in length that remind one of “cow’s horns”. Remember, all Euphorbias contain a white sap that can be quite irritating to the skin and eyes. Avoid touching face or eyes. Wash hands immediately in soap and water if contact is made with the white sap. Responds well to warmth, with its active growth period in the late spring and summer months. Porous soil with adequate drainage. Requires bright light for best appearance, and should be given a winter resting period at which time less water should be given. Protect from frost.

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