Fluctuations In Soil Water

//Fluctuations In Soil Water

This odd shaped/colored fruit may be the result of large fluctations in soil moisture, yellowing leaves, sun exposure on the fruit, or a combination of issues. First, it appears that you have some leafminer insects that have made mines in some leaves, but they probably aren’t responsible for the yellow leaves and “off” fruit. The yellowing on the older, larger leaves could be a Nitrogen deficiency, (some of the green leaves appear to be too small which is also a symptom). Nutrient deficiency can also be a result of too much or not enough water in the soil which injures roots so that they take up less of the necessary nutrients. Nitrogen is harder for plants to get usually, anyway. We recommend fertilizing with an appropriate type of material by following the label directions. You can get these materials at your local garden center. Here’s more info about squash. http://www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/PMG/GARDEN/VEGES/squash.html

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