Browned Foliage

//Browned Foliage

The brown foliage on your cleome could be caused by several problems. I’ll list them and you can decide what might fit. (Sometimes with plants we can only guess…if only they could talk!)
1. Drying out in between watering. Since the other plants are OK this probably isn’t it. 2. Slugs, snails, earwigs or other critters strip the stem near the bottom – look closely at the lower stem to see if it’s been scraped/eaten away. 3. Fertilizer burn. If any one plant gets too much synthetic fertilizer, either applied to the plant itself or to roots, it can cause browning and death. 4. Hit with hot water. Sometimes we turn on the hose and don’t realize that the first water that comes out is scalding hot from the sun. This can cause the plants to die.

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