Cutting Back

//Cutting Back

We would recommend you cut back all the stems by 1/2, while doing so look at the where you cut and see if you see any ‘green ‘ within , if not cut back till you do. We know this sounds harsh but when a plant is in stress one of the best ways to assist it is to lighten it’s load so to speak. Also you must feed it, a good liquid seaweed food is the best, and should be used every 2 weeks, all of your plants will benefit from this regular feeding as well. Things with high numbers like 15-15-15 will only fry it if it’s already struggling. It needs light and with the weather being mild right now being out side is a good idea. But make sure it receiving water every day. If the pot seems crowded it might need water twice a day, or you could always move it into a larger container.

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