Jerusalem Cherry

//Jerusalem Cherry

We believe this is a plant, native to Peru and Ecuador, they can survive frosts and cold weather outdoors, and is also grown as a houseplant. Jerusalem Cherries should be planted in a rich, well drained potting soil, and kept moist during their active growing cycle. They grow best in a bright, sunny window. (south facing)Feed with a liquid 5-10-5 ‘blooming houseplant’ fertilizer every two weeks while the plant is growing vigorously.
Discontinue feeding as soon as your plant has finished blooming. After all the ‘cherries’ have dropped, cut your plant back drastically, and next spring, after all danger of frost has passed, plant it outside in a partly sunny part of your garden. Please note: These are related to tomatoes but are highly poisonous to dogs, cats, and some birds. Do not eat them!

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