Oregano Problems

//Oregano Problems

From this photo alone it’s impossible to say for sure what the problem is, but we can list a number of possible concerns so you might think about which apply.
1. Is this plant indoors? From the background it looks as if that might be the case. Most herbs don’t do that well inside long-term. If you could plant this outside, even if it’s in a larger pot on a deck or balcony, that would help.
2. Is the foliage being splashed with water frequently? If so, alter the watering. Oregano doesn’t like to be frequently wet on the leaves – the slightly brown edges can sometimes be a symptom of fungal action due to too much moisture.
3. It looks as if the leaves might be getting stippled – look under the leaves and see if they look dusty or dirty or webby – it can be very fine webs or dust. This is a sign of insect activity, usually mites but sometimes even aphids or whitefly. If the plant is indoors, it would be more prone to insect damage. If you suspect insects spray under the leaves with insecticidal soap. Mites, however, are hard to kill organically so should the problem get worse you might have to move the plant outside or toss it.

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