Tomato Adventitious Roots

//Tomato Adventitious Roots

The bumps along your tomato stem are its efforts to send out roots.Tomato plants tend to grow adventitious roots along its stem and that is why tomato gardeners plant them deep to keep the plant sturdy and vigorous. The adventitious roots could also be a reaction to a fungus infestation or irregular water. They tell you there is stress, but are not themselves a problem. The plants look like they are falling over or a large amount of water has passed over them. Are they so full of fruit that they can’t stand up? Try thinning the fruit to see if that helps. Transplanting is a good idea but it might send the plant into shock. Perhaps you could try 1 plant to see how it goes. If they are still in the pot, add more soil and try to prop them up. Are you using tomato cages? That might help also.

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